How I create a work life balance

No matter what you do, where you live or who you have around you, we all only have 24 hours in a day. And sometimes those hours feel more like seconds


Our jobs make it possible for us to afford to do what we love, whether this is treating your family to an amazing meal; traveling to new places or having the spa time. However, we often forget to take the time to do these things.


Finding a balance between the working and personal time is alway tricky. But a few simple steps can help make all the difference.

Work Life Balance

Don’t find time. Create it.

“I’ll do it when I have time.”


Sound familiar? How often do you actually find that time?


If you are anything like me, time always seems to be running away from you. The right time raley just falls in to your lap. You often push important things, like hanging out with friends or recharging your own batteries, to one side.


What we so often forget is that time isn’t something we can just grab out of thin air. Time is something we have to carve out and put it into our calendars.  


Rather than saying to a friend “we should hang out, when we aren’t so busy” actually set a date, time and location. Even if this is a month away. In the very least you have set yourself on the path to do something you actually want to do.  


Have a third space.

Your office is where you work. Your home is where you prepare yourself to work. Your third place is where you put work to one side and remember to look after yourself.


While we often think of our houses as heavens, they are also filled with other tasks we have to do. From laundry to dishes, going home can sometimes feel like heading to your second job.


It is important to have a third space, separate from your office and your home. A space for you to go and clear your head. This can be a park, the gym or even your favourite cafe. The important thing is that it helps to remind you to slow down and take a breathe.  Once you’ve found this place try to visit at least once a week, in order to help yourself relax and put work stress to one side.


Use smaller moments.

Step away from the vacation request form.


You don’t have to book time off work in order to relax. Sometimes 5 minutes is all you need to get a quick recharge.


Take your lunch break and head out the office. Get some fresh air. Maybe take a moment to read a few pages of your new favourite book. Or even practice some mindfulness.


By stepping away from your desk, not only do you remind yourself to look out for you but you can also help decluttering your brain and improve your performance at work.


Make a monthly date.

I have monthly appointments with my therapist. Not only does this allow me to talk through any serious problems that I’ve been dealing with but it also reminds me to check in with myself and see what areas of my life have I been neglecting.


You may find that having a monthly manicure appointment is the best way to pick yourself up after a particularly stressful time. Or maybe it’s an evening out with friends.


By having a set an appointment each month, whether this is every 28th or the last friday of each month, you ensure that you have something to look forward to.