21 pieces of advice everyone in their twenties should hear

Two months before my 21st birthday, I took my final uni exam. Having finished my degree and with my first steps into the career ladder on the horizon, I started to reflect on just how much my parents have done to make this all possible.

Motherly Advice, Mum, Daughter

Instead of asking them to go out and buy me something that would eventually find its way to the bottom of some junk draw, I decided to ask for something that I could take with me throughout my adult life: 21 pieces of wisdom. These are either things they learnt along the way or things that they found in reflection.


Little did I know how much these words would carry me through some of my hardest times.


1 The older you get the more you realize the less you actually know.

2 Remember trials in life actually make you stronger. Without them you’ll be a very weak person.

3 Learn how to mediate. BREATHE.

4 Listen to your body, especially your gut.

5 Trust your instincts. Learn to listen to them.

6 Take a deep breath before you react.

7 There is a peace about getting older. Embrace it.

8 Wake up with a smile; it will flow into your heart. The day may make it vanish but tomorrow is a new dawn.

9 Let things go that you can’t do anything about.

10 Don’t observe your life. Live it.

11 Sometimes dreams are better than reality.

12 Not everything that glitters is gold. Not everything that sparkles is a gem. A diamond in the rough is more precious.

13 Don’t be afraid to love deeply, even if it only last 5 minutes.

14 The only person you have to trust is yourself.

15 You are the artist for your life canvas. Paint with abandonment. It’s okay if it gets messy.

16 Treat everyone you work with, with respect.

17 A ‘good morning’ goes a long way.

18 Always have a piece of chocolate close by.

19 Take time to truly watch a sunset and listen to the waves as they lap on the shore. BREATHE.

20 Live your dreams. Dance to your own music.

21 Nothing can bring you peace you peace but yourself.